Medical Bill Review Services:

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals / Facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Attorney
  • Uninsured and Underinsured

Key Elements of the Precision Bill Review Process

  • Up-to-date state regulated fee schedules and UCR
  • Precision coding review
  • Sophisticated duplicate bill detection
  • Online claim system integration
  • Flexible management reporting – when and how you need it
  • High-level reviews on large dollar claims based on your defined specifications
  • Client Web portal for reports

Our bill review services can even be performed on site.


Hospital Bill Review

Precision Bill Review hospital review includes all of the benefits of our medical bill review but is performed by specially trained individuals who are familiar with the complexities that hospital billings present. We also provide a review of itemized billings to hone in on the areas that can save you the most.


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High Dollar Bill Review

Precision Bill Review routinely provides high-level reviews on large dollar claims that are custom to your specifications such as a threshold amount you request. These reviews are performed by specially trained professionals who identify charges that contain specific procedure codes. The application of reductions is based on sound defensible database analytics.


High Level Bill Review

Similar to High Dollar Bill Review, Precision Bill Review provides high-level bill review performed by specially trained professionals. For example, our team reviews medical records to ensure the coding units billed by provider match the services documented in the records.

Nurse Audit

Our experienced team of nurses ensure charges are related to the injury and provide the allocations of those related and those not.


Provider Fee Negotiations

Precision Bill Review’s experienced team will negotiate medical charges on your behalf for fair resolutions. This service is an integral element in your cost savings.


We Save You Money!

Precision Bill Review saved
our clients 62%

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<h3>We Save You</h3>
<h4>Precision Bill Review saved
our clients 47.38%</h4>
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PPO & Specialty Networks

The Precision Bill Review team helps determine the best network mosaic that offers you the greatest savings. PBR clients will have one stop access to physicians, facilities, and specialists both regionally and nationally. Specialty networks include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • State Specific


Duplicate Checking

This effective tactic in medical bill review, involves checking for duplicate billing, a common area to find cost savings. Precision Bill Review provides this as an individual service and as part of our Medical Bill Review.