Mandated State Reporting

Healthcare is filled with enough mandates and reports that have to be filed, you don’t need more with your Worker’s Compensation claims. We will handle all of your mandated state reporting for you. Not sure why needs to be filed? We know.

Customized Analytics

We provide robust and meaningful analytics you can understand and take action on. Reports are on important part of managing the cost related to your Worker’s Compensation claims so we will customize your reports to answer the questions you really want to know. Reports are easy to read and interpret so you can make the best decisions quickly and efficiently. All reports will be provided to you for review and recommendations will be provided by our expert team giving you the information you need to make smart and quick financial decisions. Information and provided includes, but is not limited to, benchmarks, trend analysis, dated to track high-risk claims, and so much more.

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Provider Search Tool

PBR provides access to a broader range of license providers for across the nation offering our clients easy access, quality care, and cost savings. If you are a current PBR client, you can access the provider portal.

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Online Client Access!

PBR clients have a mediate and easy access to all Worker’s Compensation claims online in a safe secure and HIPPA compliant portal so you can quickly find the answers you need regarding any needs.